Flying from Chicago to Aruba – Bring Breakfast – Buy Booze at the duty free!

We left on a 5:25am flight on Southwest Airlines out of Chicago Midway Airport(MDW). We arrived at 3:30am knowing that Southwest would want to check passports and documentation for our 5:25am flight. The lines were long – but moved quickly. The agent carefully weighed and checked our bags to confirm we were not exceeding weight... Continue Reading →

Making good choices and balancing mama emotions – Why API Study Abroad?

Daughter Alone in Italy ........My Sweet Girl is my youngest child.  I have three other children that are in their 30's.  They have jobs, homes and families. There was a twelve year gap between them.  Each time I have watched one of them set off in to their life I have had those mother pangs... Continue Reading →

Survival Day – Walk around campus and Now we are cooking…..

She is organized, she takes comfort in having a plan and thinking through what she will do.  And at times she over thinks things.  Orientation week has a "survival day"  a day that she was looking forward to attending. It was a way to get her bearings, understand her surroundings and mentally go through what... Continue Reading →

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