Crossing the globe on an award ticket in coach.

My sweet girl is traveling to Florence on a 33 day educational adventure through her travel abroad office at her university.  For this program students pay tuition, room and board and travel separately. Booking flights was up to the student. We had some miles that had accumulated from travel and credit card points and we... Continue Reading →

Disney December – Finding a shiny dime.  

Once upon a time, there were three friends, Vagablond, Jo Jo and Deb who met at bible study.  We were raising a combination of 8 children, changing diapers, managing careers and families.  We all moved through our lives putting family first, surviving divorces, deaths and illness, celebrating births, remarriages and being a survivor.  Our reconnection... Continue Reading →

Island vacation 2015 -Day 3 Why rent a home or “villa” for an island vacation?

Day 3 was dedicated to decompressing from travel, sunning on the deck, taking in the gorgeous views, using the grill to make burgers, and enjoying island cocktails with abandon. We have rented homes for 9 vacations. We love the convenience of more space than a hotel room, a kitchen where we can make breakfast or... Continue Reading →

Travel with your Senior – the one in High School

There are strong and valid reasons to travel with your teens.  With all the fear of violence in this world, many Moms have turned into helicopter parents hovering over every decision or dream their adolescent has as they move toward independence.  I vowed that this would not be my path and took specific measures to fulfill my... Continue Reading →

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