East Tennessee -Hidden Gems and Fun Discoveries

I’m adjusting to life in East Tennessee after living and working in Chicago my whole life. Hubby retired, I took a job transfer and we are now empty nesters out exploring our world. Tennessee is a popular spot for people our age, and my grand-children now talk about Grandma and Papa’s “village” vs coming to our house. Follow along as we look for more fun places to visit.

Ozone Falls Adventure – near Crossville TN

Today was a crisp and cool spring day. Recently we had read about the top waterfalls in Tennessee and Ozone Falls happens to be within an hour drive. We headed out just after noon and took an easy ride down Interstate 40 arriving about 1pm.https://www.tn.gov/environment/program-areas/na-natural-areas/natural-areas-east-region/east-region-/na-na-ozone-falls.html The parking area is right alongside the road, an informational... Continue Reading →

The Three R’s of St John.  Relaxation- Recreation- Reconnection

Writing this on March 13 - Vacation is about leaving all of your responsibilities, work and obligations behind- doing what you love or just chilling out without a care in the world.   There is a saying- "no good vacation goes un punished" and the late entry of this last installment of our STJ vacation is... Continue Reading →

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