Vagablond Travels

Because I believe…..

Travel Teaches – navigation, adaptation, acceptance and patience

Travel Expands -resources, thought processes and imagination

Travel changes – people, opinions, tastes and relationships.

So come along with me and my family, friends and acquaintances as I share what we learn along the way.

I am not a professional travel writer and I don’t have a degree in hospitality.  I have not been a travel agent or destination expert.

I am a professional woman with a 30 year career in sales and marketing.  In this role I have traveled through much of the USA staying in hotels that “value” and “target” the business traveler.

I’m also a wife.  My husband has traveled internationally throughout his career, with me begging him on every trip to take me along or please bring me pictures and stories from his travels.

Finally, I’m a Mom, and I have witnessed the value of taking my children to destinations beyond those that are targeted to “families”.   My mission for this blog is to share insights, travels and learning from a variety of experiences.

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