La Spezia and Florence Explorations and Experiences

Well the halfway mark is here – my daughter has been in Italy and is thriving.  I’m at home and looking forward to her daily posting of pictures to the ICloud folder.  We are both hitting our stride.  She has found some friends, gets along well with her roommates and is enjoying her time.  She is an endless and inexhaustible explorer, I have been on trips with her when I was just dragging but she just keeps going…….like the energizer travel bunny……she is hungry to see all she can.

Yesterday we had a Facetime call and she had so much to tell me.  I asked her about a few photos she had taken and she had so much knowledge.  For the weekend visit to La Spezia she did the research, figured out the train to take, recruited the other 3 girls to go with her, found the hotel and booked rooms, researched the  “lands” to hike  and restaurants to visit.  She hiked 4 of the 5 trails with a friend and has some great stories to share when she comes home.  In Florence when she went to the Duomo and exploring the museums around Florence, I asked who went with her.  She said – Mom, I just went by myself because I like to look at everything…….Yep – she’s the energizer travel bunny.

Some photos from her explorations-

A little cliff diving
After the jump…..ahhhhh
View of La Spezia from above
Hiking near La Spezia
Italian Coast
Hotel she found and booked
Nice statue……
The city in the dome’s shadow.
Top of the Dome!

Beautiful!!!!! – The interior of the Dome

The Dome – Florence
Last piece by Michelangelo – unfinished
Finger of John the Baptist
Mary Magdeline by Donatello
Baptism of John the Baptist by Jesus
Original doors to Baptistery

The time is flying by – and I’m sure she will feel like she did not have enough time to do everything she was hoping.  I enjoy getting all the pictures and hearing about her adventures.  It is an amazing journey – I hope that some day we can go back with her as our guide.

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  1. Loving the captivating style of your writing, and the way that you bring out your posts with those pictures. Really love the way that you have chosen the theme for your blog in order to deliver who you really are on your blog. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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