Dear United Airlines Customer Service……….

Dear United,I was a passenger on United Flight #786 on July 13 from Atlanta to Chicago. I am writing to tell you about the flight crew on this flight.

There was a medical emergency on this flight. The emergency was in my row just one seat away from me. The woman is fine but it was a very scary situation. The flight crew handled this emergency with calm direction, focused energy to get her help, and exceptional kindness and compassion to all involved. 

I have flown a lot – on many airlines (3 this week) – and never witness an incident like this. It brought me and that entire community of passengers on the plane a new understanding of what the role of flight attendant is……and it is not to bring snacks, soda and cocktails.

Flight Attendent is a role of responsibility and authority and not all passengers understand that.   We have all witnessed passengers behaving badly, acting rude by saying inappropriate things and openly defying flight attendants. As a passenger we must remember that our life is in the hands of these professionals for the next several hours as we move through the sky together. 

My praise, thanks and appreciation goes out to this fine crew  – especially Paulo- give him a raise!  In addition, the nurse that raised her hand to push her call button.  There was a collective look of relief on many passengers faces when she moved quickly to assist.  

 This letter will not be splashed across the media – or be mentioned on the nightly news, the crew will get off that plane and get on another one to serve the passengers, take abuse and keep the sky’s friendly. But I will remember the fine people that stepped in to help the girl one seat away from me and will keep flying flight crews in my prayers.   

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