Exploring Florence and Italian Pizza 

My Sweet Girl
View from the apartment

The first week is meant to help the students get to know each other.  She and her 4 roommates moved in to their apartment.  We got a Facetime tour first thing this morning.  It is on the river and the apartment is not air conditioned, but the floors are marble and there are several electric fans.  At night they were told to open the windows as it cools down nicely.  The kitchen is modern, and there is a washer to do laundry in the apartment.  Pretty luxurious for a college student.  

After moving in the groups went for a walking tour and some real Italian pizza.  A text came after dinner it read: “I had italian pizza – I can never eat American pizza again – It was so good, I even ate the cheese!!!”  This from a girl raised on Chicago Pizza!  
She is learning about the area where she will be living and finding her way to and from the market, grocery store, post office and most importantly the ATM.  She said that July is “sale” month in Italy, the tour sponsor told them that shops have 50-70% off during July.  That was very exciting news for her – she packed lightly so she could bring things home Oh boy, this is going to be interesting.  From the pictures she is sending it looks absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait until her class starts as it is about the History of Florence.  What a great place to learn about the city as you stand in the place that the lesson unfolded. 

I am so thankful for modern technology and the ability to be in daily contact with her.  I love that I can see pictures in almost real time, and I am blessed that I can see her face smiling back at me.  She is having fun, learning, making friends and she is becoming a traveler that appreciates where she is and the moment she is in. 

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