And she’s off……….

She is caring, smart, organized, careful and she is still my youngest child – in some circles she would be called “my baby”.  But to me she is my sweet girl.  The innocence of a young girl is melting away, and a young woman is emerging.  I see all of these qualities and I feel proud and happy.  I have watched her sisters grow in to beautiful young women, succeeding in their chosen paths.  Mothering their own families – and watching their “baby” sister follow them down a path that none of us can know where it will eventually lead.  I am sure that my sweet girl has all that it takes to make a trip across continents and oceans, but I’m still her Mom and I want to help and protect her.

I swore I was NOT going to cry when she left.  I had talks with myself every morning for the past 2 weeks, I said – “You will not cry” – ” You will smile and encourage her” – “She will be fine” – and for the most part I was succeeding.  Until we got to the check in point and I saw a young girl standing near us.  My first thought was – Oh that girl seems to be about the same age as mine.  And I turned my attention to my girl going through the check in process.  As we waited for the machine to spit out her boarding passes and stood and waited to drop her bag I noticed the girl again.

There was a man that walked over to her – he was handing her money.  He said I heard what happened, I want to help you and pay for your baggage charge.  She was on the phone, and she just started crying.  She said No….but it was clear it would be a huge help.  He said, “Please don’t cry, Just let me help”.  She finally accepted, but was crying harder.  I decided to do what I would want someone to do for my sweet girl – I stepped over and put my hand on her shoulder, and asked, “Are you OK?” – She turned toward me and I just gave her a good hug and said “Its going to be Ok, you’re going to be fine”.  She smiled and started gathering her things – walking toward the desk to start her check in process again.

I turned and looked at my girl – she had tears, I had tears and I knew that I had lost my battle against those tears I knew would be there when I said farewell.  My feeling is that the Good Lord put me there to show me that in this world there are kind people, and other mothers that are willing to notice and reach out.  We said one last goodbye before she left as she stepped in to the TSA lane.  She is loved and about go out on one of the best adventures of her life.

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