Island vacation 2015

January is a great time to escape the cold Midwestern winter and find some Caribbean happiness and sun. The Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands (USVI ) are a perfect tropical destination. It is easily reachable from Midwestern cities, most mornings you can wake early, board a plane and be walking on the beach by dinner time. This is our 6th trip and we are headed for our first weeklong stay on St John, having stayed on St Thomas on past trips and visited St. John for day trips, we are really excited to stay on this beautiful island and explore hiking trails beaches and the people of STJ.

Our group is 5 adults – three are siblings- and two spouses. We are all over 45 and we are renting a home near Coral Bay. We have varied backgrounds, interests and professions (real estate broker, property manager, engineer, marketing director and lab technician) I will be bringing all of those to these posts.
I will be blogging daily to share experiences insights and interesting stories. I am hoping readers will find some sense of adventure in reading about ours and plan a week of their own!

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